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Project Partners

Artur Serrano

Artur Serrano

UNN & NTNU ~ SENSE-GARDEN Coordinator and Primary Investigator (PI).
Professor in Welfare Technology, Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Ronny Broekx

ePoint ~ ​​SENSE-GARDEN Project Manager​ and Business Coordinator​​.​
CTO and Business Developer at ePoint.​

Iulian Anghelache

Technical Project Manager at Compexin.
Co-Founder and CEO at Wannitlist.

Mihai Berteanu

UMFCD ~ SENSE-GARDEN Medical Team Coordinator.
Professor Dr., Head of Dept. Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, University Hospital ELIAS.

Mara Manailescu

COMPEXIN ~ SENSE-GARDEN Quality Coordinator.
EU Project Developer
Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Piet Bormans

VULPIA ~ SENSE-GARDEN Belgium Test Site Coordinator.
Director at Aan de Beverdijk, Belgium.

Sigrid Mæland

ODDA ~ SENSE-GARDEN Overall test sites.
Coordinator and Norwegian Test Site Coordinator.
Company manager for nursing home and
home care facilities.

Rita Valadas

SCML ~ SENSE-GARDEN User Organizations Coordinator and Portuguese Test Site Coordinator.
Board advisor of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Ileana Ciobanu

UMFCD ~ SENSE-GARDEN Romanian Test Site Coordinator.
Scientific researcher.
Biologist, Master in Neurobiology. PhD in Medical Sciences.

Leif Erik Nohr

UNN ~ SENSE-GARDEN Ethics and Legal Advisor.
Manager, Health Service Development, University Hospital North Norway.

Jon Sørgaard

Jon Sørgaard

NTNU ~ Researcher
University Lecturer Sociologist

Gemma Goodall

NTNU ~ PhD Research Fellow in Medical Technology

Siri Bjørvig

UNN ~ Department Manager

Kamilla Michalsen

UNN ~ Finance controller


UNN ~ Project controller

Marianne Leyssen

ePoint ~ Accountancy

Catalina Anghelache-Tutulan

Compexin ~ Project Manager EU

Andreea Marin

UMFCD ~ Investigator in SENSE-GARDEN, Master degree in Clinical Psychology and Speech Therapist, PhD in Medical Sciences

Mihaela Zamfir

UMFCD ~ SENSE-GARDEN Architect, Lecturer in UAUIM Bucharest.

Mihai Zamfir

UMFCD ~ University Assistant

Rozeta Draghici

UMFCD ~ Psychoterapist Clinician Psychologist
Principal Degree, Scientific Researcher II, PhD in Psychology, Clinical Psychology Supervisor

Alina Iliescu

UMFCD ~ Lecturer PhD Physical Therapist

Therese Børve

ODDA ~ Company manager nursing home
and rehabilitation

Audun Digranes Dagestad

ODDA ~ Engineer ICT department

Alda Matias

SCML ~ Head of the Structural Funds Unit

Cristina Vaz de Almeida

SCML ~ Head of assistive technology

Aat Vos

Author 3RD4ALL

Filipa de Araújo

Social Equipment requalification project

Quality of the Project Team

The Project Partners includes: the Norwegian Hospital for North Norway, which has one of the Europe's largest research centres for eHealth including the area of Assistive Technology, responsible for the scientific coordination of VictoryaHome, the winner of the AAL Award in 2015; "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, with a long track in care for older adults with disabilities; Vulpia a care organization with 1000 employees, and 33 care facilities in the Belgium, serving 2000 residents; another care organization, SCML, in Lisbon, having 13 Retirement homes with 708 end-user; e-Point, COMPEXIN, SMEs with extensive experience in the development of IT solutions for elderly care, and also AATVOS, a Dutch architect and designer with a huge track record in creating meaningful public spaces and implementing digital technology to do so. Also involved are: The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a university with an international focus, with headquarters in Trondheim. Health is one of NTNU's strategic research areas. The aim is to create innovative solutions to complex health challenges, Odda the 149th most populous municipality in Norway with a population of 7,025. Odda Municipality, as all municipalities in Norway, provides outpatient health services as well as senior citizen services.

Each partner has its own special competences, which are going to be used to leverage the project objectives of the work plan in synergy within the other members of the Project Team. A brief description of the competences and strengths of each partner in connection to their roles in the SENSE-GARDEN project is given.
The Project Team distribution between User Organizations, Research organizations and SMEs, guarantees that a correct perception of the end-users' needs will be transmitted to the technologists. The Project Team has good balance between partner types, with over 50% of SMEs, good representation of research but with strong focus on the User Organizations.

Project Partners


The University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) is home of the National Centre for eHealth Research. This unit is active in the area of Assistive Technology, being involved in most of the AAL calls, sas the scientific coordination of the VictoryaHome project, the winner of the AAL Award in 2015. Role in the project: Project coordination. Business and Exploitation Plan. Brand development.

The Norwegian University for Science and Technology – NTNU has Health as one of its focus areas with Welfare Technology playing a central role. NTNU has been the coordinating and participating in several AAL projects. A large interdisciplinary team is now integrating the Faculty of Medicine, with nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, neurology, sociology and including a strong cooperation with the technical faculty.
Role in the project: Scientific management. End-user integration – user requirements capture. User Centred Design. System design and system architecture. Requirements specification in cooperation with the technology development. Exit strategy development Scientific data analysis and publications. Responsibility for the execution and evaluation of all the trial studies. IPR protection.


e-Point strives to create a clear, understandable and an unique visualization of data of Point of care devices. e-Point specializes in back-end services (cloud services) and clinical data visualization for chronic disease management. Data is both collected by wireless devices and patient reported through online questionnaires. Functionalities include also interfaces for professional clinicians' feedback, so the tele-monitoring processes can be adjusted and refined. e-Point has recently started project with the Faculty of Medicine of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, monitoring 125 pregnant women with diabetes. Role in the project: Project management. Business coordination. Development of Back-end services.


Compexin is an SME with more than 20 years' experience in Romanian and European projects. Expertise in software integration, data management software, automation and network infrastructures. Competences in integration of hardware devices and software services in platforms and ecosystems. Other competences include: Cloud services; Mobile and Desktop based gateways; gamification engines; Cross Platform apps for Mobile and TV devices; development of user friendly interfaces for Web, Mobile and Desktop devices Compexin also supports the end-user organizations and Pilot test sites in the validation and testing activities. Role in the project: User interface design and development. Development of the End-user View and the Caregiver View except the Media Content Management Portal. System integration of SENSE-GARDEN services. Implicated in Business plan and dissemination of results. Integration with SENSE-GARDEN User Profile and Content Data Storage. Standards and interoperability


AAN DE BEVERDIJK – HAMONT-ACHEL is part of the VULPIA group, a combination of 22 elderly care homes ( ), which takes care with great importance to its social responsibility as a high quality service provider in the healthcare sector. We therefore do not see this social responsibility as a theoretical definition of our activity, but as an attitude that every day must be put into practice by all stakeholders. The Beverdijk provides shelter and care to 90 residents. Unlike in many nursing homes the residents are divided into four living groups based on the individual care needs . Thus, there is a group with little care, two groups, with moderate care, and a group with a lot of care. This division does not mean that there are divisions between the living groups or that the inhabitants live in isolation from one another. Residents are free to go wherever they want, but at the Beverdijk a resident can conduct a thorough tailored care policies thanks to this divisions. The Beverdijk has a qualified and motivated team. Our strong organizational teamwork allows, among other things a monthly visit to the pool , there is a collaboration with the volunteers to transport the residents and let them participate in many outdoor activities . This is possible thanks to this wide network of volunteers at the Beverdijk. The large garden has a bucolic landscaped pond and sunny places are provided for residents to garden. Here the boxes are mounted at a height so that the residents do not have to bend down if they want to take care for their own garden. Located in a wooded area on the Beverdijk. The nursing home is also near the abbey of Achel, it is a safe location where Trappist beer is brewed. Inside our building is a simple structure where residents easily find their way. In our beautiful rooms (23m2) there is every modern comfort available and each room has plenty of light and views to the green surroundings. Role in the project: Care service provider. Trial site.


Odda municipality is the center of Hardanger. The municipality has 6930 inhabitants. Odda municipality has about 800 employees in finance, IT, human resources, health and social care, etc. Elderly care include 4 facilities with more than 80 long-term places, with rehabilitation and palliative care, 32 places for people with dementia in residential homes with 24 hour supervision, day centers and substance abuse and psychiatric residential homes serviced 24/7. Odda is located in the most amazing natural surroundings. Role in the project: Care service provider. Trial site.


SCML operates according to a humanitarian goal, through a social intervention that includes health services and medical care, education and culture as well as the promotion of quality of life, particularly for those most in need of protection. In pursuing its objectives, SCML has facilities and services in each area of Lisbon to directly meet the existing social needs; conducts socio-economic studies and multidisciplinary research among the population; develops a social work in the areas of childhood, youth, family and community, and elderly people; has a teaching establishment and training centres; has two hospitals and health services; cooperates with all the entities (national and international) which pursue similar goals. Regarding support services for the elderly, SCML provides: 26 Day centres with 1842 end users; 14 Home support services with 3557 end-users; 13 Retirement homes with 708 end-users; and 7 Assisted living residences with 152 end users. Role in the project: Trial site. Responsibility for the training of end-users. Engagement of user associations and other stakeholders. Elaboration of the blueprints of SENSE-GARDENs. Coordination and supervision of the construction of the SENSE-GARDENs.


"Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a state-run health sciences University in Bucharest,Romania. It is the largest institution of its kind in Romania with over 2.865 employees, 1.654 teachers and over 4.800 students. It was initially established in 1857 and in 1869 was incorporated as a department in the newly created University of Bucharest. The University uses the facilities of over 20 clinical hospitals all over Bucharest. Role in the project: Clinical management and medical supervision. Trials' study design Organization of research dissemination. Trial site. Due to its geographical proximity to the SME COMPEXIN, the main IT developer in SENSE-GARDEN, UMFCD will have the role as forefront test site, where solutions will be tested before introduction in other countries. Selected PWDs will be involved together with clinical practitioners.