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e-Point, an active software company in the electronic health market, specializes in back-end services (cloud services) and clinical data visualization systems for the treatment of chronic diseases. ePoint provides a clear, understandable and unique visualization of data from telemonitoring devices. Data is collected by wireless devices and patient reports through online questionnaires. The functionalities also include interfaces for the feedback of the medical professionals, so the tele-monitoring process can be adjusted and refined for each patient and a precision medication plan can be applied.

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Our Publications

  • 15 Novt'18

    GDM Management of postprandial hyperglycaemia and weight gain in women with gestational diabetes mellitus using a novel telemonitoring system

    Journal Journal of International Medical Research

    Open Access $0


  • 24 Jun'18

    Huso 2018 Using Adaptive Immersive Environments to Stimulate Emotional Expression and Connection in Dementia Care

    Conference The Fourth International Conference on Human and Social Analytics

    Open Access $0


  • 01 Feb'16

    Applications of Big Data Analytics Chapter: Nature-Inspired Radar Charts as an Innovative Big Data Analysis Tool

    Book Springer Link

    eBook $79.72

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  • 19 Aug'15

    ePoint.telemed ~ CHF An Open Web-based Platform for Home Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

    Journal IOS Press

    Open Access $0


  • 15 Oct'15

    ePoint Telemonitoring Dagelijkse opvolging van patiënten via Telemonitoring.

    Magazine Zorganders

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Telemonitored Room


01 feb

Posted by: admin | Telemonitoring

#SENSEGARDEN is a virtual garden for people with dementia

The SENSE-GARDEN will activate the persons with dementia both mentally and physically. They can for example cycle or walk in a well-known space and feel like they are going home. Such experiences may have an effect on invigorating their identity and helping recovering the sense of self.

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08 Aug

Posted by: admin | Telemonitoring

The PELOSHA project will use sophisticated ICT technologies

Including artificial intelligence and virtual reality to develop a comprehensive suite of services helping older users to maintain their health, wellbeing and independence. It will be possible to configure them to meet diverse user situations and needs. ePoint will be in charge of the visualization of data to the caregivers.

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03 jun

Posted by: admin | Telemonitoring

Creating invidualized, immersive spaces for people living with dementia

ePoint is engaged in this great project to reconnect persons with dementia through emotions. ePoint helps to register these emotions with telemonitoring the experiences.

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