Milestones (WP / Month) M1 User requirements specification (2/7); M2 First functional prototype (3/8); M3 First SENSE-GARDEN built (3/13); M4 SENSE-GARDEN KIT ready for trials (3/24); M5 Trials concluded (4/34); M6 Final conference (5/3)

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NTNU is the scientific project leader of the SENSE-GARDEN.

EPOINT is the technical project leader of the SENSE-GARDEN.


Our partners involved in the SENSE-GARDEN project.

E-POINT (SME of Belgium)

Epoint will be involved in WP1-2-3-5 as technical project leader. E-Point will take care of the content management system, data collection and dissemination of the SENSE-GARDEN project.

ODDA KOMMUNE (Care organisation of Norway)

Testing Developement : user interaction during trials Promote pilot Focus of less use of medicine on better use on personal recources in nursing homes on better life quality for PWD .

SANTA CASA (care organisation of Portugal)

WP 2.6 Architecture project Sense-garden ~ blueprints (SCML) ~ coordination Architectural project of a generic SENSE-GARDEN (SCML) Blueprints for the 5 SENSE-GARDENS (SCML, NTNU) Interfaces with technology and device installation planning. (SCML, EPOINT, UNN) WP 2.7 Development of the completion and dissemination strategy (NTNU) ~ cooperation WP 3.2 On-site construction of SENSE-GARDEN (SCML) - Supervision, control and synergy of test sites. WP 4.2 End-user training (SCML) - Coordination of training WPs between test sites. WP 5.4 Organization of workshops and meetings (FMU) 6 PM - Cooperation WP 5.7 Involvement of user associations and other potential stakeholders (SCML)

SCML hopes to be able to contribute to the construction of the prototype and test its usability with end users. We believe that the good results will facilitate the publicity to the prototype and its wide dissemination

VULPIA (Care organisation of Belgium)

Aan de Beverdijk will supply a workspace for the SENSE-GARDEN in its facility. A garden of 45 m2 will be available for PWD and their caregivers to experience their life road events good and bad. This way we want to make it possible for the research nurse to capture these moments and publish the results in scientific magazines. We hope the SENSE-GARDEN will be a true connection point between PWD and the people that surrounds them.

UNN (University of Norway)

University Hospital of North Norway - Coordinator Project management - (WP leader) Overall project management together with EPOINT Reporting to AAL-CMU together with EPOINT Business planning in WP5 Responsible for coordinating the writing and delivering of 3 important business deliverables together with EPOINT, CPX and the subcontractor NORINNOVA a business expert in Tromso: D5.2 Intermediate Business Plan and Business Model D5.3 Exploitation Plan D5.5 Final Business Plan

NTNU (University of Norway)

Department of Neurology and Movement Science End-user integration and system design Work package leader Integration of users, professionals and developers and obtain a common view of the system Establishment of dialogue with centre on the systems requirements System implementation Implementation of algorithms and strategies for data mining and data analysis Trial studies preparation, execution and evaluation PhD in senses/emotions based treatment of PwD, helping with data collection, processing and analysis Dissemination of knowkedge in scientific publications Coordination and writing of publications in scientific conferences and journals.

CAROL DAVILA & ELIAS (Universities of Romania)

Rehabilitation Medicine - International Classification of Functioning point of view in: User centered design: User needs definition. Systems requirements. Study design and study outcomes evaluation - objective and subjective outcomes regarding: PwD functioning ~ physical and psychological (cognitive, emotional, motivational). PwD and care giver participation and quality of life. Dissemination and integration of new knowledge: Organizing workshops. Participating in conferences, congresses of PRM and health robotics, publicating theoretical and practical results. PRM, Geriatrics and Architecture higher education and public information. Inform UEMS and Romanian Health Ministry, as well as Alzheimer Europe and Romanian Alzheimer Society.

COMPEXIN (Sme of Romania)

Role in the project: Task 1.4 Quality management and contingency planning (CPX) Task 2.5 System specification and User interfaces(CPX) Task 3.3 Implementation of end-user/caregiver Apps and services (CPX) Task 3.4 IoT Integration (CPX) Task 3.5 System integration - software modules and APIs (CPX) Task 4.3 End user support during trials periods Task 5.1 Business plan and dissemination Task 5.2 Standards and interoperability (CPX, EPOINT, NTNU)

Open the Romanian market for new Health and Wellbeing Technologies Exploitation of the SENSE-GARDEN concept Scientific research and development of team skills Design and develop innovative prototypes for a range of innovative services New projects and products development opportunities from H2020, AAL or other EU or national calls